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  • High transferable efficiency ...

                                          paumi-2 copy-수정완료

  • High transferable efficiency
  • Coating can be done in even corner, edge and recessed place
  • Reduce orange peel phenomenon, even and uniformity surface
  • Integrated design
  • Strong , light weight of gun (carbon material with handle)
  • Excellent electrostatic safety
  • Easy control/ Maintenance / Movement
  • High voltage generator inside of the gun can be replaced

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  • Easy control display panel angle for good working and operation.
  • Designing of endurant type trigger
  • Safety designed for humans harmless from earth ground
  • The gun is simple to dismantle, easy maintenance and repairing 
  • Powder volume adjustment by conveying air
  • Powder atomizing adjustment by dosing air
  • Preventing powder waste of electrode and nozzle by axiliary air

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